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First International Seminar on Education in Suicide Prevention (IS-ESP)

Motto: Learning saves lives!

During World Suicide Prevention Day 2021, ELLIPSE (E-Lifelong Learning in Prevention of Suicide in Europe) co-funded by the European Union Erasmus+ programme, invites you to an international seminar in suicide prevention. Our ambition is to help you save lives.
Target groups: students and teachers in higher education, social and health workers, journalists and other media professionals, patients and relatives, all who choose and prioritize learning basic life-sustaining skills
Date: 10 September 2021 Time: 15.00-18.30

Place: online & Karlskrona Regionsalen (on-site according to the guidelines Public Health Agency in Sweden) & in all other on-site locations where you can gather to participate in a group! To register, click on this link: REGISTER


Moderators: Anna Baran, Maiellen Stensmark, Nestor Kapusta

A. Focus Groups – learning by meeting & listening to students & professionals (30 min)

A glimpse into the suicide prevention skills and needs of the key professions.
Teresa Kremser, The University of Vienna, Austria

The experiences from the Norwegian Focus Groups in the education in suicide prevention.
Anita Mlodozeniec, Lars Lien, Sykehuset Innlandet, Norway

**** Film: “Key Message for World Suicide Prevention Day” from the world-leading suicide researchers

B. Learning from researchers & research (30 min)

The research report on a meta-analysis on the role of e-learning in suicide prevention
Jim Schmeckenbecher, Medical University of Vienna, Austria

New directions in the suicide research based on the interviews with the world-leading researchers in suicide prevention interviewed for the ELLIPSE-project.>
Karoly Oriold, Oriold & Co, Hungary

**** Music: Hildur Höglind, Sweden

C.Learning from media (60 min)

Moving publications in contemporary Polish media and suicide prevention
Radosław Pawelec, Łukasz Krawczyk, Anita Kwiatkowska, Aneta Nowosińska, Paulina Janocha, University of Warsaw, Poland

****Film: About a Safety Plan (based on the interviews with world-known researchers)

D.Learning by practicing skills (30 min)

First experiences with a Safety Plan 12StepsApp
How to increase the quality of communication with people with increased suicide risk? Test Safety Planning in small groups online & face-to face! (workshop).
Anna Baran, Region Blekinge, Sweden

**** Learning from the participants of the seminar (Invitation to engaging in the work on the European guidelines on the education in suicide prevention)

E.Panel discussion (15 min)

How can teaching in suicide prevention look like?
Can we do any better than we are doing?

Teresa Kremser, Jim Schmeckenbecher, Anita Mlodozeniec, Lars Lien, Radoslaw Pawelec, Karoly Oriold, Maiellen Stensmark
Moderator: Nestor Kapusta, Anna Baran

(As a conference participant, you are invited to join us by sending your input to this important discussion and to vote for the guideline you consider the most essential!)

**** Music: Filip Mizia, Poland

Organized and supported by:
Region Blekinge, Sweden
SPES Blekinge, Sweden
Medical University of Vienna, Austria
Sykehuset Innlandet, Norway
Oriold & Co, Hungary
Warsaw University, Poland
Jagiellonian University, Poland
Polish Association of Suicidology (PTS), Poland