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Coronavirus Crisis Challenge (3C)

Hello! Let’s start our vlog with the description of the first challenge. As coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 and COVID-19 disease has been leading to many crisis situations worldwide, our first challenge addresses the worldwide coronavirus crisis. 

We know that this virus has been causing infections and in some cases deaths. It can affect mental health increasing anxiety, depression and in some cases suicidal thoughts. One of the obvious problems is that we have not good enough coping strategies. We are “hungry” for protections to feel secure. To cope with this, we need to learn from each other and develop better skills. In our short film, you will find some tips, how you can address the problem. Here is also our list of skills that can help you with coping with coronavirus infections. Some of them, you already know, but there may be others that are new to you and that we encourage you to learn and adopt.

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